Wednesday, 13 April 2011

My Tuesday

I woke up today in a pretty decent mood. I was recently made redundant at work due to our business not making enough money to continue on. I was actually relieved when my schizophrenic boss called me into his office last Wednesday afternoon to let me go. And not to mention I was paid quite alot of redundancy pay! I'm currently looking for another office job to keep me occupied and to earn some extra dosh. 
I had a list of things to do today and surprisingly got them all finished before dinner time.
First up my morning coffee accompanied by a cigarette.
Then after that I started on some house work. (My parents are particularly happy that I've been home the past few days. My mother has been using my spare-time to her advantage in the form of cleaning the house.)
I left the house looking spotlessly clean and strolled down to the post office to pick up a few parcels. One of which was my new camera, a Canon EOS 450D. Now this is an awesome camera. I bought it used for a steal off Ebay.
I stopped in at my local op shop to see if they had anything new. Nothing much, but I did find 8 issues of National Geographic Magazine. The man behind the counter gave them to me for only $2! I was so happy.

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