Friday, 4 November 2011

Day 4: 'Chicken' Nugget & Salad Sandwich

I opened the door and had forgotten my mum had signed up to recieve a few boxes of local produce delivered to our door. The fruit & vegies were still covered in dirt and they all smelled soo good! I've never seen carrots with the stalks still on them so that was pretty rad! I decided to use some of the vegies on my sandwich.

'Chicken' Nugget & Salad Sandwich

3-5 'Chicken' Nuggets, baked or deep fried
1-2 Tbsp Tofutti Cream Cheese
1 Ripe Avocado
1/2 Tomato, sliced
1-2 Leaves Cos/Romaine Lettuce
1/4 Cucumber, sliced

2 Button Mushrooms, sliced (or you could use one whole Portabella Mushroom cooked in olive oil & garlic)
2 Slices of Wholegrain Bread (or any type of bread)

1. Spread the cream cheese on one side of bread, then spread the avocado on the other, set aside.

2. Fry mushrooms in olive oil and garlic until softened.

3. Oven bake or deep fry nuggets until crunchy golden brown.

4. Layer lettuce, tomato, cucumber, nuggets, mushrooms on bread.

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