Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Etsy Bargain Buys

I just scored this pack of 30 assorted Riot Grrl, Grunge, Punk & Feminist badges off Button Machine on Etsy. So stoked!

I think my favourites are the lunachicks and jack off jill ones since I can't find any band merch for them ANYWHERE.

Vintage army combat boots, the shop owner was so rad he gave me 10 bucks off!

Vintage 1990s floral dress, so pretty.

I also bought this rad shirt from one of my favourite etsy shops Dork666 I'm eyeing off his spongebob/ratfink shirt aswell.


  1. Lucky. I'd been eying up those for awhile, i really wanted them mostly for the Lunachicks and L7 ones.
    Good buy!

  2. Hell yeah dude! I think they have more listings. The L7 one rocks too it'll match my shirt for sure. I love your kinderwhoresluts blog you're a babe!