Monday, 19 March 2012

Things I Love Monday 6

I wasn't able to post until I got back from a trip to Perth where I was visiting my brother & his fiance. I am so incredibly tired it's crazy.


If you've never tried Floris' Chocolate flavoured beer you've never lived. This shit is the bomb-diggity and at $120 AUD a carton it better be good! I tried it while I was in Perth and fell inlove.


Whilst in Perth I went shopping at a store named Lovisa (we have one on the GC but I hadn't been in in a while).
I was drawn straight to the colour-coded black section and found this armor/shield ring for only 7 bucks score!

Since then I've been searching ebay for different are some of my favs.


This vintage Dinosaurs t-shirt would make an awesome addition to my closet... but for $70 AUD I think I'll have to hold off for a while.


I think this picture is an accurate description of modern day society. I often feel overwhelmed at times by the vast majority of vacuous bullshit I know about tv shows and movies compared to my knowledge of the universe and nature...hmm.. time for a priority re-alignment I think!


In this post I mentioned my baroque frame I bought on Ebay for roughly $22 but when I was in Perth I found a whole bunch of coloured and black baroque frames in a range of sizes from $4-$12.

I couldn't believe it, so I bought a bunch and brought them back with me! So stoked to have frames for all of my art prints and photos.

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