Thursday, 31 May 2012

***Rest of the Year Goals***

I've been really slack this year with projects. It's pretty depressing! I'm complaining that I'm bored when I'm not even doing contradictory...oh well here are some goals for the rest of the year.

  • Finish at least 5 books. I'm the type of person that reads several books at once which I can handle it's just annoying having several books in a pile on my dresser all feeling a bit lonely!

  • Experiment with baking & cooking. I love cooking I do it everyday but I always seem to cook the same things and I'm getting in a food rut. I also need to do some more baking...I baked a beautiful Cinnamon Tea Cake lastnight which is to die for.

  • Play with cameras. I've come along way with my canon 450d, I've pretty much been teaching myself how to use it (since I hate reading thick manuals). My holga 120cfn however, seems to be getting a bit dusty sitting on the shelf...time to crack out the filmzz.

  • Sell all of my old stuff. I went to my first car boot sale the weekend before last, which was um...interesting. It was in Nerang so there were some pretty colourful characters haha. But I really want to get rid of all of my stuff and get some extra dosh $$$.

  • Apply for jobs everyday. My resume is looking pretty spiffy so fingers crossed I get an interview or something soon.

  • Take dogs for a walk everyday. My poor dogs haven't seen their leashes in so long they probably won't even know what the contraptions are used for! Also I could do with a bit of exercise.

  • Be healthier. Cut back and eventually quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption and eat heaps of fresh fruit and vegetables everyday. It sounds easy but this is going to be my hardest goal...smoking is my downfall :/

  • D.I.Y. sewing and being creative. Another thing that's getting dusty is my sewing machine. I have so many projects to do it's crazy. The amount of comments I got on my flower crown is ridiculous, I should make some to sell. I really want to sew a 50s inspired swimsuit for summer as well.

  • Go flower picking. I really love pressing flowers and how bunches of dried flowers look hanging in rooms. Maybe I can pick some flowers whilst walking my dogs?

  • Save money & limit spending. Last but certainly not least, I gotta manage my money a bit better. Okay I admit it, I am an online shopping addict. It's just waay too easy to click 'buy it now' button on Ebay. It's become a natural reflex of mine and I hate it.
  • Blog more!! I get so frustrated and jelly at how amazing other people's blogs are it makes me sad. I think I might do more outfit posts. Stay tuned!
So hopefully this post will be inspiration and a MASSIVE reference for motivating me to achieve my goals this year. :)

Does anybody else love writing lists? What goals do you hope to achieve the rest of this year?

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