Monday, 4 June 2012

Things I Love Monday 9

 It's been a long time since I've done a thing I love post. Been super, super busy lately. Between editing photos from Jacki's wedding, trying to find a job and minimizing my possessions I haven't had much time to blog. Oh well here we are...


I am CRAZY inlove with this Star Wars poster set by Sanasini on Etsy. He's also got an amazing Twin Peaks poster on there too!


I am super excited about these black 90s mary-jane platforms I just scored off Badatpettingcats on Etsy!! I have been searching for what seems like a century for shoes like these. Can't wait to wear these with knee high socks and vintage dresses.


This Bikini Kill inspired print by Sara Lyons is so rad beyond words.


This is such an ingenious idea to pack your salads to stop them from going soggy! The drawing is super cute too.


Taylor-Ruth of Hanging Rock Comics is such a talented artist, I love the simpleness of this drawing teamed with it's important message.

I hope everybody is having a lovely week! I get a 4 day weekend so hopefully I'll be taking some photos out and about. :)


  1. I love this post :)
    Your blog is amazing!!!

  2. Awh thankyou miss! I can see your amazing hair in the display it! <3

  3. That star wars set is beautiful!

  4. How rad is it?! I need it so hard. :)